Does She Do Her Homework

Does She Do Her Homework

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As a full verb we use do in certain expressions. Did she do her homework.

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She feels good. Does she do her homework. do as a main verb past participle (done). So when she comes back from school, she freshens up, has her lunch and directly finishes her homework. As level english language coursework help an auxiliary verb do is used with a main verb when forming interrogative or negative sentences, or for adding emphasis.

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(1). She usually does her homework at she usually does her homework at.

England, English UK.

What Do You Do if Your Child Forgets His/Her Homework?

She couldnt see any reason to do it. She smiles.

The teacher asks a question. Negative senteces, he said homework, and she does not only listens to stop playing. As soon as she had done her homework, she went to bed.

she does her homework

Jim did his homework. To ask a question, we need to use an auxiliary verb at the beginning of the sentence. If we want to form negative sentences or questions using do as a full verb, we need another do as an auxiliary.

In the USA, we would say She never does her homework.

We use does or do in the present and did in the past.

Do her homework

Other students raise their hands. England, English UK.

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We use the auxiliary verb do with the base form of the main verb do to make negative.